Come and Try our ‘Life-Changing’ Free Style-Pod Service with Michelle Blake!

Here’s Lesley Sainty’s experience….

Like most people, I thought I knew myself pretty well when it came to my own personal style. I knew what I liked and felt pretty confident in my clothes and buying decisions. That was until I met Michelle Blake of MB Style Consultancy!

What happened during my free consultation at Bodega in The Suffolks, Cheltenham was both a revelation and a delight! Michelle started with a thorough assessment of my style needs using a 5-step process, including looking at eye colour, body architecture, shape, personality and practical needs.

The style pod service is aimed at woman of any age or size. It could be that you’re a bit confused about what to wear or that you’re never very sure about what to buy. Or you could go along for some help with an outfit for a specific event. There is no pressure to buy as Michelle is keen to build trust over anything else.

She said, ‘The majority of people tend to stick to the same thing and gravitate to the things they’ve already got. This service encourages them to try on new things and look at new colour combinations and styles. It’s a genuine service in the way that it teaches you what suits you for shopping anywhere, not just in Bodega.’

Michelle says, and I agree, that the results of a style session leave women feeling more focused and understanding the ‘why’ certain clothes and accessories look good. ‘It’s a lot to do with change and evolution.’ Michelle says.

During your session, you will receive a booklet with your colours and shape. Michelle will explain how she applies a different element to your clothing depending on shape and personality.

I found it really fascinating looking at my colours and holding them up to my face. I realised that when I bought a pink hat the other week, I saw the colour on someone and thought it looked great, but it didn’t look great on me. I now know why!

Michelle dressed me in a variety of outfits and showed me how to ‘layer’ clothes. There were things I hadn’t thought about before and I came away feeling really confident going forward. It’s made me want to have a good look at my current wardrobe, rethink a few things and invest in a few key pieces that are actually going to be of value for a while. Instead of me just ‘going off’ them because I’m not sure why!

I would highly recommend a style session with Michelle and if you fancy coming along for a free session on Friday 18th December, contact us to book on: 07585 665031 or pop in!